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Coming Out In Style

UCF Senior Hallie Halpern named “Bisexual Fashion Icon of The Week"

Hallie Halpern is a Graphic Design student at the University of Central Florida. Her eccentric and funky fashion style caught the eye of GoMagazine writer Dayna Troisi, who declared her Bisexual Fashion Icon of The Week.

Troisi is a long time internet friend of Halpern who recently became a full-time writer for GoMag. Halpern said “She always admired my style and wanted to feature me”. You can read the full interview here. As an avid music-festival goer, her love for electronic music helped her accept her bisexuality. “I probably would have suppressed my sexuality for so many years if it weren't for the acceptance of the rave scene,” said Halpern. “My lifestyle has greatly influenced my fashion because I go to a lot of music events [and] I can dress however I want there. It has opened up a whole new world for fashion for me.” She went on to say that her fashion even influenced her in the creation of her personal brand. which you can see here. The current UCF senior believes it’s important to have queer fashion icons because “it shows young men and women who might be ashamed of their sexuality that there are successful, happy people out there who fully embrace their sexuality.” This young fashion icon also has advice for those who are  looking to be more bold and creative in their stylistic expression: “Don’t be afraid of weird colors, and don’t follow every trend. Find concepts that inspire you but push them further and make them your own.” "A lot of my friends and family were unaware of my sexuality before this was written, so I guess it’s been pretty cool to come out in style!” Halpern said being named Bisexual Fashion Icon of the Week was a very humbling experience. To see more of Hallie Halpern's amazing looks, check out her instagram here.

Published on QCFmagazine, the University of Central Florida's only queer publication.

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