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Story pitching + process

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Alongside my design duties at watermark, I joined the editorial team and pitched new ideas weekly. One of these ideas was our Gender Euphoria issue focusing on local trans and nonbinary activists celebrating their authentic selves. 

For this issue, I designed and did copywriting for the initial call to action which was shared via social media and was the photographer assistant for the photoshoots.

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Watermark Publishing Group

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I often found myself incredibly inspired by the topics Watermark reported on. As the specialty guide designer, I did not personally work on our bi-weekly issue but would create and propse illustrations for our covers. Below are some selections of my cover designs that went to print. 

Rainbow Family Guide

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Rainbow Family Guide 

Watermark's Rainbow family Guide is aimed at LGBTQ+ parents and parents of LGBTQ+ kids. I illustrated and laid out the enitre guide. 

This specialty guide touches on issues and points of interest for young children, teens, and adult children. 

For this specialty guide, I researched and reported on various Florida colleges and universties to help parents and incoming students choose a higher education insitution with programs that would support and affirm their identities. 

The center spread was used as an activites page, with games that are both fun and educational. 

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Internal Assets

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Below are a selection of internal assets created following the Watermark brand. Assets include abstracts (digital covers for our online articles), giveaway graphics, new issue announcements, and social media graphics. 

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Client Advertising 

Watermark offered design services for our advertising partners, all with a 24 hour turn-around time.

Below are a selection of works I have laid out, llustrate, and animated.

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