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Watermark on the Fringe: “SCUM: A Manifesto”

Scantily Glad Theatre, which hails from the Canadian prairies, makes its debut at the Orlando International Fringefest with “SCUM: A Manifesto.”

The show seamlessly alternates between two storylines – one of Valerie Solanas, the mother of radical feminism and the woman who shot Andy Warhol, and the other of present day college roommates studying Feminism for their genders studies class. Upon discovering the manifesto, the roommates become engulfed in replicating Solanas’ Society of Cutting Up Men. The show delves into topics of sexism and features an exploration of sexuality.

The characters were bold and brash in the best way. This interactive performance included some audience participation and challenges you to think about women’s rights and feminism from a new perspective. Be warned, you might just leave burning bras and saying goodbye to razors.

“SCUM: A Manifesto” plays in the Blue Venue through May 27. For more information visit

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